We are the Parrot Heads of the Upper Keys


RESPONSIBILITIES (per By-Laws dated June 22, 2009)

a)   Be the Chief Executive Ophicer, responsible for the business and affairs of the club.
b)   Preside over all meetings of the Ophicers and General Membership.
c)   Be responsible for making sure the adequate activities are planned and implemented for the general membership.
d)   Be designated contact for PHIP.
e)   Be responsible for all reports as required by any external organization.
f)   Have the authority to write checks in the absence of the Bootykeeper.
g)   Have the power to call special meetings or email/phone votes of the Club or Ophicers.
h)   Interface with other Clubs and pass along to the general membership, information related to the events and other items of interest

i)   Be official liaison between the Club and all beer and liquor manufacturers, their agents and distributors unless otherwise designated.

Sandy Singleton

First Mate

a)   Actively assist the Captain in the administrating the business of the Club.
b)   Fulfull all duties as related to the Captain in the absence of the Captain.
c)   Assist other officers or committee chairpersons
d)   Collect information on various charities and relay that information to the Ophicers.
e)   Be the Club contact for Charities.

f)   Be able to write checks in the absence of the Bootykeeper and Captain.

Tom Egyhazi

Booty Keeper

a)   Manage all accounting and financial activities of the Club.
b)   Collect dues, fees and other funds of the Club and deposit said funds to the Club Checking Account.
c)   Submit a complete financial statement to all members of the Ophicers at the Ophicers meetings.
d)   Keep a list of when membership dues are paid.
e)   Keep one key to the Club PO Box.
f)   Distribute correspondence from the PO Box to appropriate Ophicers and member

g)   Be the central point for collecting new applications and funds.

Barbara Cimmarusti


a)   Record Ophicers and Social Meeting minutes and submit at all Ophicers meetings.
b)   Summarize Ophicers minutes to be presented to the membership.
c)   Maintain a current copy of the By-Laws.
d)   Contact Club members as requested by the Ophicers.

e)   Maintain Club historical records.

Geri Ataman

Lead Scallywag

a)   Represent the general membership at all club meetings and event.

b)   Perform other duties as requested.

Judy Curtis